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E Learning Resource Guide

Morning Meeting with Miss Cline 


Hello from Mr. John!


Hello St. Helen students!  As I wrote last week, I'd like to host an optional coding challenge for you to try over Spring Break.  If you enjoy it, I will post one every week or two in order to give students time to complete the challenge and participate.  

Our first challenge involves your very own version of Flappy Bird!  Check out this video, which gives an excellent introduction to the concept of Event Handling, and the coding exercise itself:













This challenge is available for free on

You can create a login very simply if you'd like.  It would be a good idea to do so, as it will allow you to save your progress if you don't finish in one sitting.  However, you can also do it without a login and complete the challenge at once.  Once you begin, make sure to follow the directions and watch each tutorial introducing new concepts in Event Handling.  Once you reach the final step, you will see an option to share your project.  Click there:









This will bring you to a page that generates your "playable" game link. 











Copy that code and paste it into an email or google drive document and send it to me at

Once I start to receive links, I will create a gallery here on this page for all of you to try each others creations! These links can also be shared with anyone and played on any device, including tablets and phones. It should be a lot of fun and help you continue to learn the process of software engineering, plus you get to play each others games!!! In order to inspire you, Ryker Bauling is helping me to create examples of student work at the start of each challenge. Click on the link below to check out Ryker's playable version of the game!  It is super cool and sets the bar high!!

I hope you are all staying healthy, brave, and kind!  I can't wait to see what you all come up with!



Mr. John

A New Note from         

Ms. Staszak 4/6/2020

“Littles & Mediums” (Range: Kindergarten-4th/5th):


1) Met Museum for Kids 

"Hop into the Met’s time machine and program your destination to explore worlds of art”


2)Lego Radial Designs 


Watch this quick video to review “symmetry” before you begin:

Intro to Symmetry:

Next use legos to create a radial design using symmetry. Remember in radial design you have two lines of symmetry--one going up & down (vertical) and one going side to side (horizontal). Think of your design as 4 separate boxes radiating out of the center, repeating the design in each box.  










3)Dandelion Paintings

This video shows you how to use  simple materials…including toilet paper tubes…to create fun dandelion paintings:



“Bigs” (Range: 4th/5th Grade and above):


1) Unravel Van Gogh

Explore the works of Van Gogh through the interactive site below:


2) 3-D “Trick Art”

Step by step drawing videos that show you how to create amazing 3-D art that fools the eye


3) “Crafted In India”

 Google Arts & Culture allows you to meet artists from India as they share their craft and  their stories:



Stay safe & stay well,

Ms. S.

Understood Resources from Mrs. Johnson


New Social and Emotional Learning Resoucres from Ms. Stadler Available in the Downloadable Documents Tab