SHS At a Glance

Principal Vance Welcomes you to St. Helen School!



Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is now open!

·         Pre-K begins at 3-years-old

·         Aftercare available until 6pm daily

·         Small class sizes with student-teacher ratios at 10:1

Please contact us at 773-486-1055 or to enroll, or to find out more information about St. Helen.


School Tours

With the current limitation of in-person school tours,

we welcome you to St. Helen, virtually.

Take a peek inside our classrooms with our student tour guides while they give you a look around our building and background on our curriculum, extracurricular activities and programs.

A glimpse into your child’s day-to-day Preschool and Kindergarten activities. 

A look at our Junior Highschool Program with 8th grade teacher Mrs. Swift. See how we prepare our students for the transition to High School and the respective application process.

The story behind

St. Helen's new gymnasium.

Look into the day-to-day activities in the 3rd through 5th classrooms. 

See the outdoor courtyard space

where all the real fun takes place. 

The St. Helen Bingo Hall is the ultimate multi-use common area and has a unique community history. Find out more. 

Thank you for spending a few moments with our beloved St. Helen community.


**Please note: The videos below were taken safely and in accordance with the CDC guidelines.

Photo Gallery

Student-produced art around the school
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A look inside one our kindergarten classrooms
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Student-produced art around the school
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Student-produced art around the school
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Preschool classroom daily welcome message
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Preschool room art of children and their image of their families
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Preschool monsters
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St. Helen Church where our faith-based community gathers
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The old Friday Night Bingo board (see the Bingo Hall video for more)
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